Saturday, July 14, 2007

Gondry's Film Commitments

Following Jonathan Glazer's excellent Bravia ad from last summer, the third installment in the campaign was lined up for Michel Gondry. He's now passed, citing 'film commitments' as his reason for not being able to shoot the spot.

It seems that Be Kind, Rewind is all but mass duplicated and on the back of the van, so which commitments exactly? Is the Blondie movie about to shoot? Possibly.

Let's discount the Ripley film - is there anything else? Only Tokyo, the anthology film to shoot in the city. This is what I expect we'll find out: Gondry is about to shoot his slice of Tokyo before doing the Rewind press tour; then the Blondie movie will roll; then, possibly, a collaboration with Dan Clowes and Jack Black on The Death Ray. Maybe. Perhaps. If it all pans out.

At least we know he's going to be on set rolling film for one project or another any week now.

And the new Bravia spot, if you had been wondering, is now going to be directed by Frank Budgen. Not a bad choice, but I would have plumped for Antoine Bardou-Jacquet.

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