Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The Exploding Owl Edition

Spawn 2, Iron Man, Diary of the Dead, Y: The Last Man, Monty Python, Jonah Hex, Madonna, My Name is Earl, Jailhouse Rock, X-Men spinoffs, 1-18-08, The Muppet Show, The Maintenance Man.

- DJ Caruso is to direct the film
adaptation of Y: The Last Man.
Expect Shia LaBeouf to get his wish and take the lead role. Carl Ellsworth is to write the screenplay. It's a Disturbia reteam, basically.

- Avi Arad has confessed to Sam Jackson and Hilary Swank appearing in Iron Man.

- Diary of the Dead is to premiere at Toronto.

- Madonna is reportedly looking to make a film about one of her ex boyfriends. Thankfully, he was a mobster, not just an over-actor or bad director, so the film will have a high inbuilt drama quotient.

- The Observer have printed their list of the Top 50 Comedy Films Ever. They have the wrong Python film at number one. I saw the link at Cinematical.

- The Crank boys are adapting Jonah Hex into a film. They're looking to cook up a supernatural Western franchise - as are plenty of other teams at plenty of other studios. Yawn.

- Fox have registered the URLs WolverineOrigins and MagnetoOrigins. Let me remind you once more how bad the Woverine script I read truly was. It was cancer causing, that's how bad.

- My Name is Earl spoiler time, so look away already: Season 3 will begin with Earl in prison, and Michael Rapaport is to play another prisoner. As Rapaport is a recuring character, can we expect to see Earl stay behind bars for some time? Or will both get out somehow?

- Brian Robins is to direct Jailhouse Rock. Not a remake, it seems - but a ripped-fromk-the-headlines yarn about talent contests in prison.

- Paramount have registered the domain TheMonstrousMovie, all part of the 1-18-08 marketing campaign. The poster I linked you to yesterday had the word 'Monstrous' across the top. I still don't expect this to be the title - but it seems to confirm that we'll be kept waiting a while before we find out what the title actually is.

- Carl Franklin is the director charged with bringing The Maintenance Man to the big ol' shimmery screen. It is to be adapted from Michael Baisden's novel about a male escort looking to stop living his deceitful life.

- Rejoice, because The Muppet Show is coming back. Paul McCartney is their guest. If this pilot doesn't get picked up for a full season, I'm going to send nuts and Mars bars to everybody I know.

- Todd McFarlane is still trying to push a Spawn 2. Good luck, fella - I don't think anybody will care.

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Mark said...

I loved CRANK, hope they do an interesting western, but if I was them, I'd lay off the supernatural angle. JONAH HEX's supernatural years at Vertigo, written by Joe "Bubba Ho-Tep" Lansdale, were pretty dire.