Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The Nervous Exhaustion Edition

- See Scarlett and Woody, BFF.

- Spielberg's as blinded by the anti-Wii propoganda as every other fool. Why do so many developers only target their Wii games at pensioners and housewives?

- Hatchet 2 may start rolling in February. And a second Behind the Mask might be coming too.

- Mark Verheiden's Aliens comics have been repackaged, but only in a their compromised versions where the character names were changed to not clash with canon. Yet another reason to despise Alien 3.

- Masters of Horror seems to be ahead of The Dresden Files in the race to Alberta.

- A stage version of Desperately Seeking Susan is coming and it's set to feature a number of Blondie songs. Interesting.

- Britons prefer R2-D2 to C3-PO.

- The Twin Peaks Gold Box DVD set is now officially scheduled for October 30th.

- Homer Simpson is starring in a new ident for Channel 4 from this weekend.

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