Saturday, July 21, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The Pathia Versus Methi Edition

- Bill Bailey is to enter Eurovision. About time too.

- With Harry Potter reportedly falling behind both Hairspray and Chuck and Larry at Friday's US box office, perhaps the boy wizard should consider camping it up a little more next time.

- Two direct-to-DVD sequels for Pulse are coming, and they actually sound quite odd and possibly rather interesting. Pulse: Afterlife deals with a post-tech world in which humanity struggles to exist without electricity but with hordes of wandering spectres, while Pulse: Invasion moves on seven more years to show us a completely primitive civilisation where young Justine from the first film, now a teenager, comes to what might be the last city not overrun with phantoms. I'm getting a sort of Planet of the Apes vibe here, in the sense of the sequels to the original - and that's not a bad thing at all.

- The new story is that Poor Things hasn't been cancelled, just some product placement deals. 'Crisis' over, eh?

- Iggy Pop claims nether of the films about his life currently in development have his blessing. Variety previously reported that Pop had okayed The Passenger, starring Elijah Wood.

- Here's a big House spoiler for you. And I mean BIG. So look away now or complain about afterwards. Okay... ready? Kal Penn, Olivia Wilde, Peter Jacobson and Anne Dudek have all landed recurring roles for the fourth season. Penn, Jacobson and Dudek will be playing the new team for our man Greg, seeing as Foreman and Cameron have resigned and Chase has been fired. Olivia Wilde's character is apparently called Thirteen (for some reason), a young doctor who works very closely with House. Now, Omar Epps, Jennifer Morisson and Jesse Spencer all appear to be still with the series, so how everything will eventually pan out... I can't even guess. But I also can't wait to see.

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