Monday, July 16, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The What Would You All Say If I Just Disappeared In A Puff Of Smoke Edition

Here we go again.

- Bond is headed back to Blighty.

- Anne Hathaway is to star in Jonathan Demme's Dancing With Sheba as a coke-loving young model, in and out of rehab like a sherbert-dipping yo-yo. In a perfect world this would be scripted by Daniel Waters.

- Some kind of cinematic necromancy has brought Justin Kerrigan's film career back from the infinite void of ill wind. Next up for the Human Traffic perpetrator will be I Know You Know with Robert Carlysle.

- The Japanese release of Evan Almighty has been pulled without explanation. Do we need an explanation? Can't we just make reckless assumptions and tut accordingly?

- Roy Rowan's memoir Chasing the Dragon told of the rise of Mao Zedong. Now, Robert De Niro is one of the producers aiming to transform it into a fe
ature film. Expect 'an epic-sized drama with a love story'. Not an epic drama, note, just an 'epic-sized' one. I wonder what that will mean.

- Warner Bros. have revealed their official synopsis of Watchmen. Doesn't really do the book justice, of course.

- A big orange guy made of rocks and a silver nudist on a surf board do look pretty ridiculous, and maybe I'd have changed at least one of those into a cloud too. Or a talking cup of tea.

- Season Six of Curb your Enthusiasm
will start airing in the US on September 9th.

- Danny Wallace seems very happy with the Yes Man script, director and star.

- It sounds like John Carpenter has a new movie on the boil. That's all I need to know to be happy. This one is called LA Gothic and revolves around a priest and his daughter in a Californoa crawling with zombies, vampires and other such fun things.

- Is the next Indiana Jones film just the fourth in a series of (at least) six? I do hope not.

- Yet another fine art forger film is being talked up, likely to never see the light of day. Not for the first time, this one is allegedly to be derived from the misadventures of John Myatt and John Drewe. George Clooney and Clive Owen to star? Don't bank on it.

- Aaron Eckhart has admitted that he'll go into Two Face mode in The Dark Knight. I told you that already - and I didn't just leave it at that either.

Can't...continue...any...longer.... energy draining...

More tomorrow. And normal service should be resumed very soon.


Mark said...

I was talking to George Michael and Andrew Ridgely about how they should have done Galactus in the FF2 movie. "If yer gonna do it, do it right", they both concurred. "Also, they got The Thing's massive mono-brow wrong", added Andrew.

Anonymous said...

Disappear in a puff of smoke?

I would cry.