Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Revised Simpsons Posters - But Why?

They brought The Simpsons Movie forward one more day in the UK. So that means we'll get it as of next Wednesday. Here's the revised poster art, just to hammer the message home.


williamjutsum said...

Having Simpsons and Transformers out on the same weekend is dumb, dumb, dumb.
Can't see any reason why they couldn't bring out Transformers this week.
Maybe they are worried about the competition from Hairspray!

HardcoreDays+SoftcoreNights said...

I am definitely going to catch the preview of Transformers this weekend - I don't think I can wait until next weekend. Reckon the Simpsons movie will be any good?

williamjutsum said...

Good point about the previews, will save us doing a double bill next friday!

I've actually got my hopes up for the Simpsons movie (which could be a mistake). Originally I wasn't that bothered but after seeing some of the clips flying around plus the trailer that ran with Harry Potter it looks like they might be back to form.