Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Results Of The Second film ick Poll

Seems like you guys like Edgar Wright. Me too - but he wasn't my selection from this list... And, no, neither was Mary Lambert.


Anonymous said...

A comment on the new poll:
You've done great at the meat of this site. The marketing and promotion is where I think there are problems. I've promoted the page at my university. And I think the site has a less graphic page than the others, but truthfully I believe it more that way. Still, that might be part of the promotion angle. It has been noted that searching "Film Ick" doesn't bring up any results. One has to go to another site with Film Ick quotes to get here.
Again, the meat of this site is the best, sharp and accurate. I hope it stays that way, keeping the fluff of the other sites out.

EzekielRawlins said...

I have to disagree w/you Anon. I entered the words, "film ick" in my Google search and this site comes up.