Monday, July 16, 2007

The Waldon Report: Isaiah Washington And Mandy Patinkin

Here are two updates from film ick's friend David Waldon. He'll introduce himself soon enough, I hope, but search the blog for our previous mentions of Dave and his work.

First, Isaiah Washington:

In a valiant attempt to pin down the Feisty Homophobic Negro demographic, NBC announced today that it had hired Grey's Anatomy reject Isaiah Washington to guest-star on five episodes of its highly anticipated Bionic Woman remake. Washington, best known for both his Grey's role as hunk o'sex Dr. Burke, and for the way he torpedoed his career by using a gay slur that was seemingly directed at co-star T.R. Knight - and his subsequent blaming of every living soul on Earth except himself for his dismissal - will play the original role of the Mysterious Individual charged with teaching Jaime Sommers (Michelle Ryan) how to harness her new abilities. It remains to be seen whether Washington will last past his scheduled five episodes, or whether he will screw things up for himself again by, during a heated argument with new co-star Miguel Ferrer, accidentally blurt out the phrase "bloody limey," thus compelling Ryan to out herself as a closeted Brit and immediately earn herself both a raise and the cover of the U.S. version of OK! magazine.

Now, Mandy Patinkin:

In what seems like a repeat of his premature departure from Chicago Hope years ago, Mandy Patinkin has asked for and received his immediate release from the cast of the hit CBS crime drama Criminal Minds. Patinkin, CBS and ABC Studios, which produces the show have just released joint statements confirming the split, which is said by all parties to be amicable, if a bit sudden. Patinkin previously had been written out of the season premiere as a result of what seemed to some sort of dispute between himself and the producing entities of the series. No further casting news regarding the show has been released other than the fact that they will be looking for a new guy - preferably one who will stick around for more than two seasons.

Thanks, Mr. W. This is gold.

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Johnny B said...

Now what Mandy need to do is get himself to the Dead Like Me set posthaste!

Well, one can hope, can't one?