Monday, August 13, 2007

Caption 2007

I spent my Saturday afternoon at Caption, the longest running small press comics convention in the world. Actually, this was kind of Caption 2.2 being the second year of a new era, having moved out of the city centre to the more bohemian (sort of) Cowley Road area.

I got plenty of good footage at Caption, and some nice interviews but there were some serious acoustic issues - hence no footage from the panels, which were taking place adjacent to some high-energy building site action - and a lot of dark areas that I couldn't myself light. Nonetheless, I've put together what is, essentially, a little video podcast from the convention, explaining what it's all about and how Caption are different from their bigger, and perhaps better known competition.



Daniel said...

Nice work Brendon!

Andrew Luke said...

You read my mind Brendon. A well done job !

Mark said...

Good stuff, if ironically for a convention named CAPTION, and a post named CAPTION 2007, the film could have done with more captions. The only artists I could definitively put a name to were Al Davison and D'Israeli (and his prominent non-speaking part).

Jeremy Dennis said...

Groovy film, and a very good capture of Caption!