Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Celebrity Strip Show

It has been reported that Jessica Biel has signed a contract to confirm she will show her bare breasts for her next film, Powder Blue. This might make a change from the heap of stories about no-nudity clauses but I still don't see why the internet is so excited by the prospect.

There are thousands of films out there in which young women show their breasts. Tens of thousands. In a good lot of them, these women show a lot more flesh too.

You might argue that Jessica Biel's breasts are in some way a particularly enticing prospect. In that case, I suggest you turn to Google and stop yourself from getting to anxious in anticipation - an infamous photshoot from Gear magazine has been scanned and posted all overt the place. You can see her breasts right now, if you want.

The sad thing is, casting a celebrity pin-up as a stripper in your film pretty much ensures a certain element flocks to your film, and it also stands a good chance of distracting another hefty percentage of your audience. It's like putting Tom Cruise in anything - on some level, most people will always be very aware that they're watching Tom Cruise, not the character, and they'll be appreciating him in that way, not giving over to the film entirely - but with added lasciviousness.

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Mark said...

Yeah, but the Gear shots are standard Lad Mag hands-on-boobs shots with a bit of escapee areolae. We wanna see full boobage!

Actually, this shows you how short a distance we've gone through the centuries (millennia, even) when the profession of actress was pretty much considered part of the sex industry.