Tuesday, August 21, 2007

There Will Be A Sudden Detour After The First Act

Paul Thomas Anderson's There Will Be Blood - likely to be the most conceited, self-satisfied film of the year - only sticks to the first one hundred page of plot of the Upton Sinclair book Oil!, on which it is (apparently loosely) based.

Anderson has confirmed that he's already writing his follow up film and is, so far, pleased with the script. I'm inclined to believe that, secretly or not, he actually loves all of his films very much indeed and finds them all to be very 'clever', 'innovative' and 'barura'.

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps you have issues with P.T. Anderson's previous work, but having read his screenplay for "There Will Be Blood," I can safely say that it promises to be his very best work. Coupled with an undoubtedly grandiose performance from Day-Lewis, it has surely earned its rank as one of the most anticipated films in the upcoming calendar.