Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Direct Download Link For The Walk Hard Trailer

I tried to get the thing to upload as a video podcast and failed, but you can now download the Walk Hard trailer trailer directly (from some folks who borrowed it from me), or directishly from the Sendspace page where it was living until then.

I like the trailer a lot. You'll see Jack White as Elvis, three of the Beatles (including Paul Rudd as John Lennon but not Jack Black as Paul McCartney, obviously a barnstormer being kept back for later) and get a good idea of the smart and witty cinematography. I was already looking forward to
this - now I'm actively excited.

See a number of captures from the trailer below. Or, while you're here, why not check out some other recent stories, or learn what a Movie Minesweeper is? We're very proud of film ick - take a good look around, this is a movie site you'll like.

[EDIT: Direct download links for the high-def versions now added]


Anonymous said...

I can't even walk, I'm so hard.

Anonymous said...

Paul Rudd looks amazingly like Lennon... almost scary.

Mark said...

I'm from Norn Iron, and am so hard that Mickey Rourke based his walk in SIN CITY on mine.

This film looks entirely my bag.