Thursday, August 16, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The Priority Property Edition

The Darjeeling Limited, Wes Anderson, Jim Carrey, Yes Man, Joe Carnahan, Smokin' Aces prequel, Life on Mars, Colm Meaney, Fantastic Voyage, Roland Emmerich, the Wibberleys, Jessica Alba, Saw IV, Jennifer Aniston, He's Just Not That Into You, Ken Kwapis, John Sayles, Honeydripper, studying film in the US, Neverwhere, Neil Gaiman, David Slade, Jermey Piven, Don Ready, Will Ferrell, Adam McKay, Dark Knight, Trucker, Nathan Fillion, Michelle Monaghan, Benjamin Bratt, Joey Lauren Adams, Enchanted, Flood.

- The Darjeeling Limited is to be preceded by the 12 minute short
, The Hotel Chevalier, also directed by Wes Anderson. Expect to see it expand on a minor character or event referenced in the full feature, Zoe Bell, Rosario Dawson, The Gemini Project,

- Jim Carrey's pay deal for Yes Man is a weird one and could cause Carrey a lot of grief. Even worse, it could lead Carrey into causing grief for the film.

- Joe Carnahan is asking for the public to name the straight-to
-DVD Smokin' Aces prequel. You won't be paid for it, and you'll have no rights to it, but you will get some tat like posters and DVDs and nonsense like that. A merest whiff of a plot outline is provided but it's vague enough to be useless.

- Colm Meaney is in final talks to take the Phillip Glenister role in the US version of Life on Mars. Predictable choice, but not necessarily a bad one.

- Zoe Bell has landed her first lead role, as a soldier who returns to the US and ends up helping out a girl "in trouble". I'm getting A-Team and Equalizer vibes, not Vera Drake vibes, but you never know.

- Rosario Dawson has jumped aboard The Gemini Project (working title?). This motion-captured sci-fi story is first set for an online series but could end up on TV and as a videogame.

- Roland Emmerich is to direct the Fantastic Voyage remake. On the upside, the Wibberleys are in talks to script - which secures a certain sort of B-movie solidity to the screenplay, at least. A couple of messageboard users have tried to suggest Jessica Alba is being hunted to star - but then again, the same thing was said about Saw IV.

- Jennifer Aniston is about to join the ensemble cast of Ken Kwapis' He's Just Not That Into You.

- A real, active grassroots marketing campaign for John Sayles' Honeydripper is to be a coursework assignment for film students across the US. Meanwhile, a new post on the Honeydripper blog discusses 'the first rock and roll song'.

- The Neverwhere/David Slade story is spreading but I've been offered some new information. Apparently, the MTV reporter was speaking out of turn - these comments were supposed to be off the record. What's more, Slade hasn't boarded the project, he's simply met with Gaiman to discuss it. With 30 Days of Night expected to be both brilliant and an impressive box office performer, Slade is very sought after at the moment, so he's meeting with various people about various films... Neverwhere is far from set in stone.

- Jermey Piven is doing a turn in Don Ready, the next collaboration from Will Ferrell and Adam McKay. There's no official word on whether or not Ferrell is to appear or just produce, but I'm betting on him standing inf ront of the camera almost as much as behind it.

- Dark Knight spoilers.

- A series of Flood stills have turned up online.

- James Mottern's Trucker is to star Nathan Fillion, Michelle Monaghan, Joey Lauren Adams and Benjamin Bratt. Which one plays the trucker of the title? Placed your bets? Good. It's Monaghan.

- Cinematical have an Enchanted poster.

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