Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Does Bond 22 End With A Bout Of Animal Cruelty?

There's a spoiler for the next James Bond ahead, so step cautiously.

According to the Itallian newspaper Il Giornale, there's filming happening this Thursday for the next James Bond film. The shoot is to take place at the famous Palio bareback horse race. Many people claim that this is for the film's climax - personally, however, I'm, not sure. There's no reason to believe this isn't for the opening scenes, or, for that matter, any other part of the film.

The Palio has always been very controversial with animal rights activists, and seemingly endorsing it rather than faking all of the footage in a humane fashion isn't going to win the Bond producers any new fans.

After this early shoot, which is all second unit stuff timed to coincide with the real Palio, it doesn't seem as if the Bond 22 shoot will continue in an unbroken fashion. Daniel Craig is to finish up his commitments elsewhere before spending too long in the famous tux, or even filming his inserts for the Palio sequence.

It's worth noting that the Bond crew are contractually obliged to not use any acts of violence or injury that they catch on film.

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