Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Sky Comedy Close-Up

If you're in the UK and have been watching Sky Movies Comedy over the last half an hour or so, you've just seen me on the tele!

This was the surprise first screening (well, a surprise to me at least) with a good number more to come in the next month. There's one time I am very clear on - this Friday night at 7.30pm. Set a reminder, or have your SkyPlus record.

[EDIT: You can see the show at 11.30am on Friday August 17th on Sky Movies Premiere, on hour later on Sky Movies Premiere +1, and at 7:30pm on the same day on Sky Movies Comedy. Then, at midnight that night, I'll be on Sky Movies Premiere, and again an hour later on Sky Movies Premiere +1. If you want to see me in HD I'll be on at 12:55pm - just in time for lunch - on Saturday August 18th on Sky Movies HD 1, simulcast in low-def on Sky Movies SD1]

If you have seen me on the show, leave your comments below, or drop me a line.

I haven't seen the show myself yet, so I have no idea what made the cut or not. I'm insanely curious. I know that, on the day, we discussed Hot Fuzz, Confetti, Kiss Me Stupid, Elizabethtown, The Wedding Singer, Pleasantville, You've Got Mail, La Cage Aux Folles, The Birdcage, The 40 Year Old Virgin and Steve Carell in general.

The show is presented by Dominic Frisby, tongue firmly in his cheek, and was produced by Matthew Harris, and I'll take this opportunity to thank and compliment them both.

Now... when and where is it on over the next couple of days? I'm dying to see it...


Mark said...

I'll SKY+ it, but won't see it until I get back from Holiday. Knackers!

Brendon said...

Where you going?

Mark said...

Going for a burn up and down the coast of France in a free Porsche. It'll start a bit like SIDEWAYS and probably end like THE TRANSPORTER.

Mark said...

Due to unexpected delays, saw it this morning. You and Frisby had a nice Good Cop/Bad Cop chemistry.