Friday, August 31, 2007

Kiwis Cast In The Lovely Bones

Two key Lovely Bones roles have been filled with young actresses from New Zealand. Lindsey Salmon, the big sister of murdered Susie, is to be played by Rose McIver. She's got a few roles under her belt, it seems, in Kiwi TV shows Madigan's Quest, Mercy Peak and Rude Awakenings.

A complete newcomer, however, is Carolyn Dando who has won the role of Ruth, a schoolgirl who befriends the boyfriend of the deceased. On the night Dando was cast, she was working as a waitress and she's apparently joked about how bad her service must have been for the rest of the shift. Blimey. Personally, I'd have asked for the night off.

Shooting gets underway in five or six weeks, I believe. It's a cracking script and, frankly, it's about time Jackson was back behind the camera again.

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anonymouse said...

Is this a Keira Knightley biopic?