Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Live Action Grave Of The Fireflies Coming

Taro Hyugaji is to direct the live action version of Isao Takahata's Grave of the Fireflies. That's bound to be very, very difficult viewing with lots of tears guaranteed - even if it isn't such a great film.

Some subject matter is just incredibly emotionally resonant, of course. Takahata's film goes beyond that and is a very well made film too - and makes sure the pulsing, emotional dots are joined with clear lines of good storytelling - but with so many popular, and very often prestige, films about tragedies and disasters, this isn't the case. It seems to be less a case of the filmmakers becoming to emotionally involved to do a good job than it is dodgy filmmakers being attracted to big tragic subjects, very often seeking to make 'wonderful' movies out of them.

Fingers crossed for this one, though. Anyway, worst case scenatio, we'll still have the original animated version.


Anonymous said...

I don't feel they should make this movie. Part of the sadness of the original film is that the animated characters are not people we'll see in another work next year. With these characters animated, they die and are not coming back.

I love this film, gut wrenchingly sad.

Anonymous said...

Does this mean english language?

becuase a Japanese live-action film was made over a year ago..