Tuesday, August 21, 2007

John Rambo Photo Show

A gallery stuffed with every John Rambo still so far officially released has gone online.

It's hard for me to second guess this film's politics. I genuinely have no idea if it will swing slightly left or rather right. I do, however, expect it to be rather underwhelming. The best this film will do for me, I imagine, is to force a new special edition of First Blood on DVD, or create a lot of incidental publicity for Son of Rambow.

As far as Mr. Stallion goes, I'm hoping that Stallone really is attached to Inglorious Bastards, and that it gets moving soon. Schwarzenegger I could care less about - he makes a good robot, but I've never bought him as a human - and Adam Sandler I am dubious of, but Stallone seems to be a good fit for the project.

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