Monday, August 27, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The Fluorite Option Edition

- AintItCool have heard that Edward Furlong is back as John Connor in the next Terminator film. I was told this too but I didn't buy it... but I'll swing with it if AintItCool are hearing it from multiple sources. Seems at least possible in that light.

- Distribution of Moving McAllister is to be shared between First Independent and Magnolia. I ran a link to the trailer some weeks ago.

- Dan Dare is coming back again. Garth Ennis is writing the new series for Virgin Comics who intend to spin it off into a feature film, of course. I loved the last paper resurrection, the Gloria Munday/Soylent Spunk one, and I can only hope Ennis can compete with that little gem.

- Jerry Beck has corrected several stories going around about the fifth Looney Tunes Golden Coillection.

- Baz Bamigboye is reporting that Sweeny Todd is in trouble. Baz Bamigboye. Jeez. I'm not sure I believe a single word that man says, types or scrawls in crayon on the wall or floor of his 'special writing room'. This particular trouble is ratings related: Burton shot for an '18', Warners want a '15' - or, to couch that in MPAA terms, a downgrading from (either) NC-17 to R or R to PG-13. It's hard to correlate 18 with either R or NC-17 precisely. I don't beleive this because, essentially, a musical is less susceptible to after-the-fact editing than a non-musical. They will have agreed to any gore upfront.

- Demien Bichir has been cast as Fidel Castro in Soderbergh's twin Che Guevera films. The two best films of 2008?

- Matthew Reeve's full two-part documentary about his dad Christopher's battle to walk again will be released in full for the first time this November.

- Keanu Reeves has won the lead role of Klaatu in Scott Derrickson's remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still. That's hilarious. Short of giving Reeves the role of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle no casting for him could be funnier.

- If you can't spot the allusion in the title The Reykjavick Whale Watching Massacre maybe the casting of Gunnar Hansen in the lead role will help you out a little.

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edgeshat said...

I didn't know there were any stories concerning Looney Tunes Vol. 5. Is there a link to what Jerry Beck is correcting?