Friday, August 24, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The Harmony And Shoe Edition

- The third Underworld might still happen. That'd be three too many, if you ask me.

- Shia LaBeouf is odds on to get his desired lead role in Y: The Last Man.

- Paul Boyd's family have issued a statement about his shooting.

- The Lebowskifest dudes have written a book about their beloved bowling comedy.

- The Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness have held their annual symposium. This year, they focused on magic and illusions and met in Vegas. What they discussed is of great relevence to film and filmmaking.

- Giuseppe Tornatore has been mugged. I hope he's doing well and makes a full recovery soon.

- Russell Crowe is confident that Ridley Scott/William Monahan's message will survive the studio system when they make Penetration/Body of Lies/whatever it ends up being called. As you might suspect, Scott intends to be rather critical of the American government.

- Paramount's HD-DVD move has drawn fire from analysts.

- Slacker Cats' producer/director Seth Kearsley and voice actor Emo Phillips have given an interview about the show.

- Hannah Montana has attracted a plagiarism lawsuit.

- Harry Potter is to shoot at Lacock Abbey once again. And John Williams is back on scoring duties.

- What exactly is Jeff Goldblums Pittsburgh? It's described as 'Not quite a documentary but too factual to be called a mockumentary'. It tells the sort-of-true story of Goldblum returning to his hometown to perform in musical theatre.

- Julie Delpy isn't hopeful about her chances of finding funding for World Wars and Other Fun Stuff to Watch on the Evening News. She pitches it as a blend of Dr. Strangelove and Monty Python.

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