Friday, August 24, 2007

Quiz This Again

Who is the missing link between a "airplane with only one wing", a "pro" never forgetting "his good lines" and not being alone in thinking that it is "pretty much necessary when you wake up" to "take a leak" and brush your "godamn teeth"?

Riddle me this for another (imaginary) gold star.

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Anonymous said...

well, i got this one much quicker, i think.

"airplane with only one wing ... ": robert redford as waldo pepper in the great waldo pepper.

"pro" never fogetting "his good lines": burgess meredith as ben greene in magic (78).

"pretty much necessary when you wake up ..." to "take a leak" and brush your "goddamn teeth": timoty olyphant as pete moore in dreamcather.

all written by...william goldman.

i should create an account, so anonymous doesn't keep getting all the credit!

as soon as i get off work...i will.