Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The Youth Orchestra Edition

- We really should have seen this coming. It looks like the JLA film is to be a mo-cap CG extravaganza, a la Beowulf. That nicely sidesteps the Batman/Superman issues and allows the various lms to co-exist quite happily. I hope this turns out to be true, I really do. And a Dick Tracy-inspired 4-colour approach to the design could look brilliant in this medium, don't you think?

- Animation magazine have looked into the toon sequence in The Ten. A variation on The Boy Who Cried Wolf, this segment illustrates Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness.

- Having already played a version of Noah Baumback in The Squid and the Whale, Jesse Eisenberg is now set to play a version of Greg Mottola in Adventureland. Superb.

- Isla Fisher may star in PJ Hogan's the Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic. Perhaps. If she can have her baby and get back to work in time to beat the strike.

- Bill Murray has been accused of drink driving through the centre of Stockholm... in a golf cart.

- Todd McFarlane is involved in the upcoming Oz, yet another cinematic odyssey to Frank L. Baum's wonderul, wizardly otherworld, but don't expect it to be as ferociously styled as his toy line. Screenwriter Josh Olson is aiming for something more family friendly. Olson's plot is largely new, but the characters will be (mainly) taken from Baum's books. Ideally, this will pull together the Judy Garland film with the Fairuza Balk one somehow - that would tickle my geek buttons splendidly.

- Fred Durst is in negotiations to direct The Comeback, a sports-based tearjerker starring Ice Cube and revolving around the first female quarterback in pop Warner history. I don't know what "Pop Warner" is, truth be told but I hope some of you do.

- Jason Isaacs and Melissa George have joined the cast of Stopping Power, the Jan de Bont film with a '51 minute chase sequence'. John Cusack already has the lead role.

- Tim Allen is to write and star in Brothers. He'll be one of a racially mixed pair of brothers framed for a crime. Place your bets on who will play the other brother now. My chips are on Martin Lawrence.

- Justin Timberlake has a role in Mike Meyer's Love Guru movie. He's going to play Jacques Grande a hockey player and rival - both in sport and love - with Romany Malco's character.

- Craig Carlisle is to direct the romantic comedy Bob Funk, starring Rachel Leigh Cook, Steven Root, Grace Zabriskie, Lucy Davis and Eddie Jemison. That's (mainly) a dynamite cast.

- Lionsgate have called the lawyers in. It seems that several babywear manufacturers have been marketing their wares with a famous line from Dirty Dancing - the one about nobody putting baby in the corner.

- Indian TV appears to be empowering women in the country, however slightly.

- The next Alien film (which is also the next predator film, but I could care less about that series myself) is to be called Aliens Vs. Predator Requiem. Aliens in the Midwest must be worth a look, even though the film is a dead cert to underwhelm overall. For some idea of the shenanigans within, there's a description of the film's first trailer doing the rounds.

- The entires to this year's FJORG competion at Siggraph have been posted online. Animators were challenged to create a character narrative in onlt 32 hours, running at least 15 seconds and using supplied soundbites. Some very high standard work was created.

- In case you hadn't worked it out yet, this Ferris Bueller 2 script is nothing but fan fiction. I have more chance of getting my imaginary Sixth Sense sequel Gravity off of the ground, and I only just invented it.

- Not to be confused with Paul Maguigan's recently announced Push, Mark Teitelman's dating comedy The Push is out to casting agents and preparing for a January start.

- So many contradictory sources of information are spewing so many conflicting tales about The Dark Knight. The reports at Hollywood Chicago are getting a little wrapped in knots, in fact - first they say Anthony Michael Hall is playing a character named Reese, then they get a call sheet revealing Reese is to be played by Joshua Harto. I'm inclined to believe they have the best Dark Knight sources going, even if there are bumps and derailments. Their sources might not have the full details, but they do a good job of passing the info along. Oh, and for the record, I'm still swiging with the Edward Nygma story.

- Morgan Freeman is claiming that a David Fincher adaptation of Rendezvous with Rama is still in the works.

- Margaret Nagle's script New York State of Mind has been acquired by Arnold and Anne Kopelson. I think we can guess at least one song that will be on the soundtrack album. How unhip am I for being a Billy Joel fan?

- The full line-up for the Toronto film festival has been revealed.


Carrie Lofty said...

You'd think that about "New York State of Mind," but "Tequila Sunrise" with Kurt Russell didn't feature that song by The Eagles. And you're just a little unhip.

Anna said...

Pop Warner is like Little League baseball, but for football. American football, that is.

Stuck in the 80s said...

I have the script for Ferris right in my desk. Some fiction!

Now whether it'll get made -- that's a fair question.

Brendon said...

I think you've misunderstand the term 'fan fiction'. It refers to a work written by a fan using characters and situations from a professional piece of work.

I've never, ever doubted that somebody had writtten such a script. People write all sorts of things.

There's virtually no chance of a piece of fan fiction ever getting made, however. Well - unless you count fan films.

Mark said...

Everyone's talking like George Miller is firmly in the seat for the JLA movie. If so, then, yeah, he might pull something decent out of the dodgy plot that was leaked a while back. And yeah, it'd be cool if he made a comic book movie that used mo-cap and animation to actually look like a comic book. I'd go the whole hog and have big pop art sound effects whizzing around the screen.