Saturday, September 08, 2007

Direct Download Link For The There Will Be Blood Trailer

There Will Be Blood appeals to me just about as much as The Dark Knight does. Or, rather, doesn't. The first trailer has appeared at MySpace, and you can download it directly.


Anonymous said...

Then why report on it when you claim you only want to report on things that interest you? Oh, so you can make condescending comments about them to appeal to your own wit. How indulgent of you.

Adam said...

So, you don't like commercial films, and you don't like art films.

What do you like? Other than SON OF RAMBOW?

Brendon said...

I like commercial films and art films, I'm just not too excited by either of those two. Sorry, but I'm not - surely there's nothing wrong with me admitting that?

So why am I reporting on it? So you can download the trailer directly, should you want to. I mean, you might want to. If I only reported on films that particulalrly interested me this site wouldn't be half as useful as it is.

And I'm not aware that I made any condescending comments about the film at all. Where's my condescending comment exactly?

Anonymous said...

Whilst I really enjoy reading Film Ick (and the sense of passion that drives it), I would question the wisdom of posting a news item with such a beleaguered, negative tone - it serves little purpose other than to irk those who might be excited by the project and somewhat dampens the experience of coming to your site.

Condescending? No.

Honest? Presumably.

Helpful in any way? Not really - the assertion of your opinion doesn't belong in the announcement of a trailer. It just feels wrong, and betrays a casual approach that runs the risk of imbuing the site with as much value as the jeering, opinionated mob of the message boards. And - unless the 'ick' in "film ick" refers to a distaste for cinema - you're better than that, surely?

Adam said...

Actually, there is something wrong with the WAY in which you admit it.
If you're attempting to be a journalist, it exposes a bias that is neither professional nor appropriate. If you're attempting to be a commentator, it shows you to be a charlatan who makes up his mind about a project before you've seen it.
Either way, it comes off as small-minded, petty and rather childish.

Kevin-Lee said...

You're not going to please everyone Brendan. Personally I am looking forward to this and I hope it delivers. I appreciate you at least reporting it even if it's not to your taste. There's plenty you report on that I couldn't care less about but I'm not going to whine about you wasting time on those movies.

Keep on keeping on. The time you put into Film Ick is appreciated. It's swiftly risen up to my joint #1 source for movie info, alongside Chud.

Brendon said...

So, I suppose you are all equally interested in every unreleased film?

Of course not.

I didn't say There Will Be Blood will be bad. Not at all. Just that it doesn't appeal to me.

If you have a problem with that... blimey. What won't you have a problem with?

The info: the link to the trailer.

The opinion: shared.

You want me to not share my opinions? Why not?

I openly invite you to share yours. And you do. So why shouldn't I too?

Anonymous said...


Everything you've ever done is wrong. Please stop it.

Feroze and Ravinder said...

I want you to share your opinions Brendon. I like you're opinions,
they're informed and on the money.