Saturday, September 08, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The Crying Under Spilled Milk Edition

- Pixar are holding a benefit to raise funds for the San Francisco Cartoon Art Museum. Tickets are 200 dollars a piece, 2,500 dollars for a reserved table for ten. The evening will reportedly feature the premiere of Our Friend the Rat, Jim Capobianco's short from the upcoming Ratatouille DVD.

- Cinematical have a nice audio interview with David Cronenberg.

- Martin Compston and Greg Hemphill have both been linked to the part of Scotty in the new Star Trek.

- The Ocean's 13 commentary from Soderbergh, Kopelman and Levien is exclusive to the two HD formats and won't be on the SD DVD. Disappointingly, to me at least, it seems that 12 will remain commentary free, even in it's HD reissue.

- Variety have all of the new and important information regarding Bond 22 in one place.

- Several images from the set of Righteous Kill have turned up online (in one, two selections) showing De Niro and Pacino in character.

- A Vancouver Vivarium may be a location for Watchmen, standing in as Adrian Veidt's Antarcttic hang out.

- Jessica Alba thinks Rose McGowan will be Barbarella too.

- Jason Kliot and Joana Vicente are leaving HDNet, the high-def, low-budget production unit they founded.

- Steve Coogan is to star in Hamlet 2, Andy Fleming's high school comedy about a teacher who pens a sequel to Shakespeare in order to 'save his drama department'. Catherine Keener has also taken a lead role.

- HBO have purchased the rights to a documentary film created entirely in Second Life. The premise is simple: Molotov Alta is a Second Life Avatar who travels this other realm, exploring the social rules and quirks that have evolved. Think Louis Theroux, perhaps, but made of polygons.

- Madeleine L'Engle has passed away.

- The Path to Survival is Al Gore's paperback-book follow up to An Inconvenient Truth, and is being readied for release on April 22nd 2008 - the next Earth Day.

- Danny DeVito is direct Dakota Fanning, Morgan Freeman and Pierce Brosnan in The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle, another family-friend
ly pirate adventure.

- ThinkFilm and TVA have taken the US and Canadian rights to Helen Hunt's directorial debut Then She Found Me out at Tiff. Meanwhile, Weinstein Co. have coughed up for the rights to John Crowley's Boy A, an adaptation of the Jonathan Trigell novel that echoed some of what has happened, and may yet happen, to Robert Thompson and Jon Venables.

- Several upcoming HD releases from Warners have been accidentally revealed by a glitchy website.

- Richard Lester's Help! is getting a 2-disc DVD special edition at the end of October and a new trailer has been released to plug it. The deluxe edition will come with a facsimile of Lester's annotated copy of the script - oh, yes please!

- While Lust, Caution has won the Golden Lion at Venice for Best Film, Brian De Palma has been awarded the Silver Lion as Best Director. Actor and actress gongs went to Cate Blanchett and Brad Pitt, and Paddy Considine won best short film for his Dog Altogether.

- The stars and producers of HBO's Tell Me You Love Me are having to defend the series' high degree of sexual frankness. Apparently, there's five orgasms in the first hour.

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I couldn't find the details for the Help DVD on Amazon, can you help (ha ha) me with a url?