Monday, September 03, 2007

Direct-ish Download Link For A Clip From Southland Tales

Very soon we'll all get to see for ourselves how much of a Southland Tales mk1 mess Southland Tales mk2 is. Could it have been made worse, not better, by the re-edits? It is very possible. Or, like Donnie Darko, the director's cut could prove to be the drastically inferior iteration.

I've been e-mailed a clip from the film and have parked it on Sendspace so that you might download it and see it for yourself. Scientists think this clip looks rather more futuristic than was expected - but what do you think?

[EDIT: I've found out now this clip has done the rounds before, but I certainly hadn't seen it... and I'm not the only one. It was new to Quint at AintItCool, and many, many others. And besides, it was only a streaming clip previously, I believe.

And it turns out that Twitch have three streaming clips from the film in total, which i'm sure you'll want to see.

Expect direct download links to the actual Southland Tales trailer here at film ick in the next day or so]


Logan said...

it's a video already seen before.
unfortunately it's the only video that we've seen from the movie in 2 and half years of existence.
Hope the trailer will be more complete that this only clip

Thx anyway

Anonymous said...

Heard nothing but bad things about this film from friends who were at screenings, can't wait to see if Kelly can do something good again after the disaster that is Southland Tales (and Domino.)