Sunday, September 16, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The Black Glass Goes Melty Melt Edition

Here's a very short, rapid Minesweeper with stories from left, right and centre:

- A video look at the Mummy 3 stunts in now online, introducing us to 'Yang's soldiers'.

- Paddy Considine was offered a role in the second Punisher film, but before he could read the (reportedly dreadful) script and either accept or decline, Lexi Alexnader and co. withdrew the offer and gave the role to their original first choice. I saw this particular link at AintItCool.

- Some fake Sweeney Todd trailers have surfaced, and some believe the footage in them to be authentic. It isn't. it comes from Harry Potter, The Man Who Cried and many more.

- Viggo Mortenson is 'curious' about the possibilty of Aragorn showing up in any eventual of The Hobbit. Aren't we all.

- Some Hulk set pictures show the setting of some kind of big, green destruction. This link came from SuperHeroHype.

- Jimmy Carr is being lined up to present a BBC version of Harry Hill's TV Burp. This can only be a bad thing, surely?

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