Sunday, September 16, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The During The Funny Omnibus Edition

More Minesweeping... with more to come later...

- Quentin Tarantino
turned down a directing gig on Heroes. Can't say I blame him.

- There's to be a Latina Bond Girl next time around.

- The creators of The Signal have begun transmission with the first in a series of podcasts.

- Final Draft looks like a kind of horror movie take on Barton Fink with a creepy clown poster and starring James van der Beek. There's a clip online now.

- Jada Pinkett Smith is to write and direct The Human Contract, a drama about a compromised businessman getting involved with bohemian strangers.

- Not long now until A Dog's Breakfast is released on R1 DVD.

- Ward Jenkins has begun his indepth look at long-lost-ish minor classic Twice Upon a Time. I thought George Lucas' involvement would have guaranteed a DVD by now, but obviously not.

- A 1-18-08 viral marketing site about a teddy bear (or not) has left me somewhat nonplussed.

- Postal has been refused by German exhibitors, reportedly afraid of Islamic fundamentalists.

- A very spoilery on-set shot from John Hancock is doing the rounds.

- Justin Hawkins and Carl Barat have taken roles in Telstar, the Joe Meek biopic.

- Bob Odenkirk and David Cross are working on a feature film script and new sitcom for HBO.

- Penn and Teller are to be judges of the Treo film festival.

- A Buck Rodgers movie is being worked up. Of course.

- Thanks to the BBFC, you can now read a very detailed breakdown of the UK DVD special features for both Black Snake Moan and Hostel 2.

- Darren Aronofsky has published his audio commentary for The Fountain. I've had trouble pulling a direct link out, but you can stream it. I assume it is synced to work with the R1 NTSC disc, not the PAL version (which will be 4% faster).


Anonymous said...

What is it with you and being anti-Heroes recently? First the Splice script review (which sounds great) and now this. First of all,(from the Splice review comment) good science is hardly what they will be worrying about in a show about superpowers. Secondly, given the Sun's penchant for making things up, I don't believe that Tarantino story for one second. It sounds like a terrible journalist's idea of what he sounds like.
Thirdly, have you seen past the first few episodes? The first few are pretty rubbish, bar a few scenes and the cliffhangers. After that, it gets progressively better each episode and becomes excellent. Episode 17 "Company Man"'s cinematography being some of the best I've ever seen on TV. Sorry for the rant, keep up the good work on the blog.

Brendon said...

Of course, it's entirely possible that The Sun made it up completely. I was doubtdul about him never having heard of the show, but I didn't know he would necessarily mean that literally.

I don't like Heroes. I stopped before episode 17... if I watch that episode alone will it make sense?

I'm interested in your acclaim for the cinematography. Care to expand on that a little? You may send me scuttling off to a full season box-set to see what's up.

And thanks for your kind words.