Sunday, September 09, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The Day Old Fish Edition

- With Wolverine preparing for a November shoot and no script re-writes announced, or new screenwriter appointed, I can only assume they're using the same, awful David Benioff screenplay I've read and hated.

- Naomi Watts has yet to read a script for The Birds remake, but she's still keen to be involved. Like Halloween, or for that matter Psycho, this is one remake that's very unlikely to match up to the original. I'm not quite so sceptical about the Funny Games do-over, which Watts has already filmed with Michael Haneke, and discusses briefly in the same mini-interview.

- Sean William Scott is in talks to star opposite Cameron Diaz in Richard Kelly's The Box. I'm keen to see what Kelly can do with such a well-constructed, already very well thought-out piece of source material.

- Miramax have pre-bought Blindness, the Fernando Mereilles film from the Don McKellar script from the Jose Saramago novel.

- A Wrong Turn 2-exclusive forum has been set-up, and the film's crew, stars and creatives are expected to stop by and respond to user comments and questions. I saw the news at Dread Central.

- Jesper Christensen is to be in Bond 22, reprising the role of Mr. White, Le Chiffre's mysterious puppetmaster. Gearing up to be the new Blofeld, perhaps? I saw the link at MI6.

- George Clooney has been feeling very competitive with Brad Pitt on the set of Burn After Reading. Having read the script, I can safely say that Pitt's got almost all of the best lines and definitely the best costume.

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