Friday, September 07, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The Pea In Spit Sketch Edition

- Coming soon: Daniel Craig in Property of a Lady? Is that really the title for Bond 22?

- An English language remake of The Orphanage is on the cards, with the original's guardian angel Guillermo Del Toro still in place. There's every chance that Juan Antonio Bayona will at least be offered the option of remaking his own film.

- Rick Baker seems to be coming out of semi-retirement to handle the lycanthropy effects for Mark Romanek's The Wolfman.

- Even more detailed details on the big Joh
n Ford at Fox DVD set are flowing.

- Quantel are developing a suite of 3D post-production tools for the steroscopic pipeline. Great!

- There are still plates spinning at the V relaunch factory. I saw the link at AintItCool.

- Jonathan Demme has premiered his Jimmy Carter biopic at Venice, and used the platform to condemn George Bush as being "obsessed with war and how best to destroy your enemy".

- August was the best month in Korean box-office history.

- Samuel Fuller and Douglas Sirk's Shockproof and Bill Forsyth's brilliant, brilliant Housekeeping are amongst a list of conspicuously absent Sony-owned titles that are yet to be released on DVD.

- Revolver distribution - who I rather like, and not only because they distributed Tideland - have snapped up UK rights for John Dahl's You Kill Me and the documentary Big River Man. See why I like them?

- Caleb Monroe has compiled a real Aladdin's cave of resources and advice for (would be) comic book writers. Some of them, of course, will apply to all kinds of scriptwriters... and besides, it seems increasingly like cracking into comics is a pretty solid launching pad to Hollywood. I saw the link at The Beat.

- Wolfgang Peterson is to direct a feature film adaptation of Whitley Striber's more recent alien yarn, The Grays. I saw the link at SciFiWire.

- Jeffrey Wells sent an e-mail to James Mangold re: Vinessa Shaw's topless scene in 3:10 to Yuma, and 'somehow' it ended up in the hands of Nikki Finke... who published it. Just a few weeks after admonishing me for publishing e-mails from her. I published e-mails Finke sent to me... now she's published private e-mails that were never even addressed to her in the first place. This simply could not pass without comment here.

- On a similar note: Vanessa Hudgen's agent has confirmed that the widely distributed photo of her in the nude is genuine. Seems like somebody close to her must have nabbed it, or gone back on a promise not to share it. What a swine.

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