Friday, September 07, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The Satchel Grass Edition

A very short Minewsweeper between classes.

- Gabrielle Muccino is reteaming with Will Smith for Seven Pounds, a story about a man on the verge of suicide who meets his 'special someone' and falls in love.

- Glen Morgan is leaving The Bionic Woman, citing 'creative differences'.

-According to Bruce Campbell's official site, My Name is Bruce is going direct to DVD this Autumn. I saw this news at Dread Central.

- Weblogs Inc. are offering "Cheap ways to make your film look like Steven Spielberg's", should you want them.
- Tobey Maguire is the famous face behind a new attempt to bring a live-action Robotech to the big screen. Craig Zahler is writing the screenplay, director rumours are likely to start within hours.

- Fox have run a denial of the Larry/Lana Wachowski sex-change story. How odd.

- A Reese Witherspoon impersonator (voice only) is being sought for a tiny role in Legally Blondes. This could be rather embarassing if they get somebody not quite good enough.

- Here's an oldie that I missed until now. A comic adaptation of Tin Man, the Sci-Fi Wizard of Oz project, reveals some details of the character designs and apparent tone and style of it all. So many guns! [EDIT: Sorry for missing the link. Will teach me to try and update in what other people would just use as a lunch break]

Told you it was short. I have kids to teach... back later.


cecilia said...

lucky kids

deepstructure said...

new reader to your blog. amazing amount of info you aggregate! just wondering, is there supposed to be a link to the tin man stuff? :)