Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The Richard Pryor Vs. Michael Parkinson Edition

- Some on set pictures from the Watchmen set reveal the film's take on the JFK flashback. In an associated report, the motion capture technology for Dr. Manhattan is discussed: "Cruddup’s costume consisted of a suit with white gloves and a piece that covered his hair that “lit up with blue LEDs.” The LED covered gear is most likely motion capture equipment used to aid in adding special effects during post production".

- Michael Mann has recycled music from one of his old films for his new Nike ad. It isn't Scorpion Football, I can tell you that.

- The BBFC has classified all of the bonus material on the upcoming Jungle Book Platinum Edition DVD and their listing provides the most indepth, specific breakdown of exactly what's going to be on there.

- Overture are to distribute Tom McCarthy's highly respected Toronto premiere The Visitor.

- Joseph Ruben's The Stepfather is one of the most underrated films of the 80s, without a doubt. Now it is set to be remade, and the creatives so far attached hardly inspire confidence. The Prom Night rehash team of Nelson McCormick and J S Cardone are to direct and script respectively.

- Mischa Barton, Cameron Bright and Deborah Kara Unger have been cast in Gilles Pacquet-Brenner's Walled In. Adapted from a novel by Serge Broselot the screenplay revolves around the demolition of an old building and the discovery of bodies and secrets within. The plot may have a lot of cross over with Liebestraum, if that mini-synopsis is anything to go by.

- Joseph Kosinski is lining up a Tron sequel as his follow up to Logan's Run. Will it be derived from the Tron 2.0 video game? Surely that's a little dated already? Sometime Lost contributors Eddie Kitsis and Adam Horowitz are scripting. Apparently, Kosinski is at work on a Light Cycle demo sequence to develop his approach.

- Tim Lucas has published the cover art for the upcoming Mario Bava Volume 2 collection from Anchor Bay. included will be: Lisa & the Devil, House of Exorcism, Bay of Blood, Baron Blood, Kidnapped, Roy Colt and Winchester Jack, 5 Dolls For an August Moon, Four Times That Night. I've only ever seen three of those - this is pretty much an essential purchase on my part.

- The Weinsteins have taken all American rights on The King of the Hill, a Spanish thriller with an already infamous twist.

- John McTiernan has filed court papers in an attempt to withdraw his guilty plea over his part in the Anthony Pelicano wiretapping case.

- Jennifer Hudson has been cast as an assistant to Carrie Bradshaw in the Sex and the City movie.

- Don Cheadle has signed on to Hotel For Dogs.

- Josh Stolberg has discussed his screenplay for the Alexandre Aja remake of Piranha.

- Jeff Buhler's flesh-eating lunatic filled horror film Insanitarium is getting loaded up with thespians. Peter Stormare, Olivia Munn, Kiele Sanchez, Jesse Metcalfe and Kevin Sussman are all onboard already - and it will come as no surprise to hear that Metcalfe plays the heroic protagonist while Stormare will be an evil doctor.

- Average American Male is to be adapted into a film with Betty Thomas producing and very probably directing. There are three videos on YouTube, designed to market the original book, and they suggest strong comparisons to Peep Show, Jesse Armstrong and
Sam Bain's sitcom/sleaze showcase starring Mitchell and Webb. I doubt the Average film will be as bold or outrageous as the most extravagant epsiodes of Peep Show, however.

- Barry Sonenfeld has placed the reported budget overrun on Pushing Daisies into perspective.

Right. I have some very big reviews coming up later: for a couple of indie horror films, one from the US, one from the UK, and a script review for a very exciting sci-fi horror drama from one of film ick's favourite directors, not to mention a Mexican producer that everybody seems to love.

Until then, however...

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