Monday, September 10, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The She Sells Threeshells Edition

- The official Indiana Jones IV logotype is a little underwhelming. Roll on all of the gorgeous Drew Struzan posters.

- All this talk of crystal skulls reminded
me of an Arthur C Clarke TV show I saw in my youth. Some of it is on YouTube right now.

- The latest issue of Wolff and Byrd lampoons the various goofy concepts movie producers have pitched for a film version of the steadfastly idiosyncratic comic.

- Adam Finley, who wrote many a Muppet-centric story I've linked to in the past, has died in an accident.

- Lionsgate have acquired Mandate Pictures, producers of Juno, Harold and Kumar, Mr. Magorium's... and, with Raimi and Tapert, the Ghost House titles.

- Bruce LaBruce is making a Zombie film. I don't know about you, but that made me pull a double take. This
will probably get more viewers than Hustler White, anyway. I saw the link at HorrorMoviesDotCa.

- Also spotted there was news of Jake West's Doghouse. A number of rather macabre character design sketches have been revealed.

- Hatchet has been playing very well in 'the big cities'.

- Asylum's I Am Legend rip-off I Am Omega has a trailer online right now. Could be an exceptional cult film for the ages...

- Could a third Elizabeth film be on the cards?

- If I've already covered this, my apologies... but I can't find any mention. Ridley Scott's Body of Lies is now shooting, with Russell Crowe showing up for duty in Maryland.

- Need a guide to the many celebrity caricatures in Disney's 1939 short The Autograph Hound? Thanks to Cartoon Brew, I found one.

- Jane Wyman has passed away, aged 93.

- Cinematical have an interview with Juno scriptwriter Diablo Cody, who I'd name as the current favourite for next year's Best Screenplay Oscar.

- John Watkiss is auctioning off a series of paintings he did to help Warner Bros. execs understand what a Sandman movie might look like. They're quite striking, of course. Neil Gaiman shared the link.

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Jack said...

I don't know a thing about Sandman, but that artwork makes me want a bloody film of it, right now...