Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The Seven Eighths Full Glass Edition

- A Harvey Birdmanfied spin on the Phoenix Wright games is coming to the PS2 (boo!), PSP (hiss!) and Wii (hurray!) later this year. Yes please.

- Lana Wachowski's sex change is complete. Congratulations, Lana. I can't quite imagine how you must feel, but I guess I'd be very relieved, perhaps feel very fulfilled. I saw the link at Cinematical.

Raul Ruiz talks Klimt with the LA Times. Part bigoraphy, part fantasia, all Ruiz, the film simply has to be worth a punt.

- Some of the songs from Repo! The Genetic Opera have been previewed from the recording studio.

- Samuel Bayer has the directing gig for Brilliance, a diamond-heisting caper to star Scarlett Johansson. The film starts shooting in a few months, but there's already a poster, on which the film is called Brilliant. It was used to secure financing at Cannes, I believe.

- The Hotel Chevalier short isn't going into cinemas with The Darjeeling Limited after all.

- The Swedish government have budgeted $3 million to preserve and promote the films and plays of Ingmar Bergman.

- Bill Murray has 'explained' his golf cart misadventure while speaking to press at the Venice fest.

- The marketing of Ratatouille and Wall-E appear to be causing consternation at Disney-Pixar.

- Criterion are releasing People on Sunday next year. Directed by Curt and Robert Siodmak, photographed by Eugen Schufftan and co-written by Billy Wilder, this is one of my personal holy grails of DVD. Why on earth doesn't Schufftan have an English language Wikipedia page? Somebody, please.

- Maybe GI Joe isn't going to be set in Brussells.

- Brian K. Vaughan has discussed his run on the Faith-centric arc of the Buffy spin-off comics with VH1.

- Sony are devloping a movie downloading service to compete with iTunes and the iPod.

- Kevin Wade and Jeff Rake are directing (or possibly just writing - the story isn't clear and their imdb entries have confused me a little) episodes of Cashmere Mafia. It's the Peyton Reed pilot I'm waiting keenly for.


Anonymous said...

That bit on Lana Wachowski is already some good positive writing on your part. Good show, your kinder side is showing through.

Neil said...

Um...you do know that People On Sunday is available on DVD from BFI, right? Or is it the Criterion that's the specific Holy Grail for you? It's a brilliant film either way.

Brendon said...

I've seen the BFI disc and it's... a little lacking in many ways.

I hope Criterion aren't planning an Eclipse release for the film. If so, then I might as well jsut get the BFI disc... otherwise, Criterion it is.