Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Oops! Bat Spoiler A Quite Embarrassing Case Of Mistaken Identity

Rich Johnston's Lying in the Gutters last week ran a Dark Knight spoiler. It was quite an interesting one, and sounded utterly plausible. Unfortunately... it was incorrect.

Johnston's source was mistaken. They saw an image of one person, identified them as another and... oh dear. Let's just say Rich mines the new story for every drop of irony he can but it's still quite an awkward moment.

All the same, Rich is not at fault, at all, he's handled it well, and he now has a new version of the spoiler, which will put you right about the wrong one, as it were.


Anonymous said...

What happened to not wanting to give 'product films' like The Dark Knight attention?

Brendon said...


What are you talking about?

I'm reporting on a bit of misreportage. Yes, Dark Knight misreportage, but that's besides the point.

But I'll only focus on Dark Knight, et al, when there's a story that intrigues me. Otherwise, it stays in the Minesweeper mix.

Anonymous said...

"I do think giving a lot of hot air to contrived product films like, say, Rob Zombie's Halloween, Transformers or The Dark Knight would be quite insincere."

Yet you run stories about The Dark Knight constantly. Make up your mind if you want to make a statement/stance.