Monday, September 10, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The Shoeless Home Edition

- After Shia LaBeouf (who has a track record of unreliability in Indiana Jones news, denying he was even cast in the film when in fact, he was onboard all along) called the fourth film Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull at the MTV VMAs, the film's official site simply had to step up and confirm the news because, frankly, not everybody believed him.

- The word on the streets (of Toronto) is that Adrien Brody is to star in Vincenzo Natali's Splice. Sounds great.

- The first three minutes of Uwe Boll's Postal have been uploaded to YouTube. I didn't spot the twist coming until it was almost happening. Insensitive, careless, insulting, ignorant juvenilia? Or thought provoking, taboo smashing, challenging and maybe even necessary? Please let me know what you think.

- That weird and crazy, and barely related to reality, Dark Tower blog has updated again. And I really don't understand the update at all. You may remember, the blog's author purported to be an actor cast in the film of The Dark Tower, and that they were to start shooting some months back now.... even though the film isn't shooting at all and not a soul has been cast.

- Jason Bateman has denied any involvement with Zack, Miri or their porno.

- Fox Atomic have acquired a pitch from Jarrad Paul and Andy Mogel. Harvey and Marky: A True Story of Friendship and Betrayal tells of two long-term friends getting caught up in bitter rivalry when one of them gets a girlfriend. To fight back, the other contrives a fake girlfriend, apparently. What an odd plan. Paul and Mogel also have the deal to do all production rewrites on Yes Man.

- Ethan Hawke is very confident about Claudia Karvan and the movie he's currently shooting with her, the Spierig Bros. Daybreakers. After the Bros. first film Undead and Karvan's pretty strong back catalogue, I think I share his confidence on both counts.

- The long mooted Total Recall remake is being discussed again. This one seems to come up at least three times in every two year cycle, and so far... nothing. But we'll see.

- Microsoft are trying to secure the BBC as content providers for the X-Box 360 download service.

- That Transformers 2 isn't going to shoot until after the strike is hardly news, but at least the obvious has been brought up and people can chew the idea over. Gives the fans a lot longer to build up their excitement again, anyway. Transformers 2 is going to feel like a real geek event, I'm sure, just like the first one did.

- Jonas and Alfonso Cuaron's promo clip for Naomi Klein's Shock Doctrine is now online. I found the link at Chud.

- Burr Steers has won the directing job on the Zac Efron vehicle 17. It was widely assumed, I believe, that Adam Shankman was to direct but it appears the strike situation has changed that. Suddenly, this film seems a whole lot more intriguing to me.

- The Girl's Guide to Hunting and Fishing is now Suburban Girl and has been picked up by Image Entertainment for release next year - possibly theatrically, possibly straight to disc. Definitely premiering on DVD, however, is Undead or Alive, Image's other new acquisition.

- Gus Van Sant's Harvey Milk film is gathering cast - Sean Penn as Milk and Matt Damon very possibly as Dan White, his murderer. Damon's involvement depends on a December start date, it seems... which in turn hinges on finance. This will all, in turn, affect the prospects of Bryan Singer's The Mayor of Castro Street, the competing Harvey Milk biopic.

-More talk about George Miller directing JLA has bubbled up - but nothing official. Yet.

- Robert Zemeckis has addressed the International Broadcasters Convention on the subject of performance capture.

- Strand have taken all North American rights to Jacques Nolot's Before I Forget.

- The first poster for Religulous has arrived and seems to be selling the film on Bill Maher more than anything else.

- Stunt supremo Vic Armstrong has been posting updates and images from the set of The Mummy 3.

- The window of availability at 4OD is now 30 days, not 7.

- NBC are looking to cross Heroes with Touched By An Angel to get Tapped, a drama about a random sprinkling of human beings able to tune in to a frequency on which God is broadcasting messages to help humanity. Whatever that means. Why doesn't God just get a better transmitter?

- Catherine Zeta Jones and Marion Cotillard have been cast in Nine.

- Roger Avary seems to be positioning Castle Wolfenstein as an off-kilter shadow to Inglorious Bastards, either deliberately or not.

- A sequel to Chariots of Fire has been scripted. Unfortunately, the script has been accused of twisting the facts, never mind the point, by forcing a religious theme.

- Anthony Stewart Head and Sarah Brightman (!) have joined the cast of Repo! The Genetic Opera. Both pieces of info were collated at Dread Central, though originate elsewhere.

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Ankit said...

About the postal starting sequence....

Insensitive and careless.....maybe.....but its definitely without doubt Uwe Boll's most intresting and orignal work..... but with the previous films(if you want to call them so)he's made....still not sure if i would like to see this in a movie theatre.