Saturday, October 20, 2007

Daily Update - Saturday 20th October

Here's a new way to get your film ick - daily bulletins that give you the best stories and links. Yes, I'm aware of the similarity to the now-defunct Movie Minesweeper.

[VARIETY] Aisling Walsh is to direct the supernatural drama The Daisy Chain. Samantha Morton is to star alongside Steven Mackintosh as grieving parents who take in an autistic child. I'm imagining something slightly more Don't Look Now than Godsend.

[VARIETY] Killer secretary comedy Miss Nobody is to be the debut film of Tim Cox. The cast will feature Adam Goldberg, film ick fave Missy Pyle, Kathy Baker and co-producer Leslie Bibb.

[VARIETY] I don't really have a sense of smell so the scent-centric Mistral is bound to go over my head a little (if that hasn't wound up a twisted metaphor that means nothing at all). Matt Williams is to direct the 'romantic fable'.

[VARIETY] The Film Department have snapped up Jason Graham and Haley Gilbert Fisher's script The Pre-Nup.

Bruce Dern is keeping it in the family by casting daughter Laura and wife Diane Ladd in Hart's Location, his directorial debut. Ashley Reed specifically wrote the script with an eye to uniting the family for the project.

Listen, I'm not liking these square bracketed links - are you? Let's give this a rest for a short while as I work this out...

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filmcickLova said...

I like them - but would suggest you change them to read:

[ Read more: Variety ]


[ Original source: Aint It Cool ]


[ Full article: Variety ]

Add the space after the first bracket and before the second and then shift the whole link to the end of each sentence - that way the spaces give the text room to breath and you do't have the regularity you can see above.