Saturday, October 20, 2007

Daily Update - Saturday 20th October - Volume 2

Let's do this again, shall we?

- This confused me just a little. Aaron Jeffery has apparently auditioned for the role of Logan's brother in Wolverine. Shooting on the film is scheduled to take place from this December, with the release scheduled for May 1 2009.

- A slowly waning candle in a creepy Jack O'Lantern on the Dark Knight tie-in site WhySoSerious appears to be counting down to Halloween. What's going to happen?

- Stewart Lee is making a pilot for BBC2. It will feature sketches and stand-up and will probably be about ten times funnier than any other show to feature either sketches or stand-up.

- All UK readers, pay attention to this: Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em is being remade for the US. And who will be in the Michael Crawford role of Frank Spencer? Damon Wayans. Dear heavens above. I bet he won't be half as good at roller-skate based stunts but I can't wait to hear him say "Oooh Betty".

- Common has described Timur Bekmambetov as somewhat more open to improvisation than Joe Carnahan.

- If Darren Aranofsky is really directing The Wrestler in the new year, what has happened to The Fighter? I think wires may be crossed? Maybe?

- The next two Saw films may be filmed back-to-back. Why not?

- Martin Campbell is being wooed to direct a remake of The Birds. We don't really need it, but I'm sure he'll do a more than workmanlike job. I'd rather him than, say, Marc Forster anyway. And I definitely like the set-to-star Naomi Watts plenty enough.

- Dave Eggers is writing an 'adult novel' based upon Where the Wild Things Are. In case you've forgotten, Eggers co-scripted the upcoming Spike Jonze film - the screenplay of which, by the way, has been reviewed. I saw the links at BigScreenLittleScreen.

I'm still laughing about Damon Wayans as Frank Spencer. For non-UK readers, please check out a clip of the original from YouTube. Doesn't Michelle Dotrice have a vague whiff of PJ Soles about her?

Not enough? There's plenty more. Plenty.

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