Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Direct Download Links For Full Golden Compass Trailer

This is probably the most negative reception Ian McKellen has met in some years.

Download the full Golden Compass trailer in fat lo-def, 480p, 720p or 1080p. Right-click to save and rename the file something like or similar to ensure it works

As it downloads, take a minute to cross your fingers (or heart) and hope that this film, somehow, manages to not be awful.


Anonymous said...

I've never read these books, so I represent the bigger chunk of the audience pie that this movie needs to recoup its (rather sizeable) cost. Having said that, this movie looks like a dis-as-ter. What is at stake? Who is a good guy (or animal) and who is a bad guy (or animal)? Call me out of touch, but me and my daemon have very little to relate to this story. :P

Seriously, though, this book series is not Potter or Rings or Narnia, and its anti-religiosity (or in the film version, secularism) will exclude the huge windfall Disney got from the religious right for Narnia. As for the visuals, they look alright, but it all has the same been-there-done-that feel that all the post-Potter/Rings movies have had. And Kidman... well, I would not count on her as a draw.

Here's my prediction:
At best, this is a humorless Lemony Snicket, meaning they barely break even and no sequels.
At worst, New Line has made the fantasy-film equivelent of Cutthroat Island.

There, I said it. If I eat crow I eat crow, but that's what my gut tells me.


Anonymous said...


I appreciate your view, as it's always good to hear a complete outsider's opinion, and yours is rather worrying.

As I'm sure you're aware, people who have read the books (such as myself), cannot speak too highly of them. I don't say this lightly, but I genuinely believe they are one of the strongest pieces of literature ever written and work on many levels.

In a sort of vague reply to your question "who is the good guy?/who is the bad guy?", the answer - which I thought audiences would find rather refreshing for a fantasy film - is that nobody is either. All of the characters, just as in life, are wonderfully rounded, with their own opinions and motivations, which lead them to committing various actions; some of which are bad; some of which are good. This is one of the very draws to the story; that there is no good or evil; just characters who do what they think is right.

I hope there are people out there who see that this story is refreshing and different, with some wonderful inventions and original ideas, and I hope that the filmmakers have had the courage to portray it that way.


Brendon said...

Max, despite Jay's comments I can answer your questions about goodies and baddies easily. Mrs. Coulter is the main villain, the kids are the heroes. Sure, it isn't QUITE that simple but, broadly speaking, that's more or less how it works out.

It's no more complex - ON THAT LEVEL - than Star Wars.

Anonymous said...

Brendon, I massively disagree. On that level, it's no more complex than Star Wars? It completely is. Darth Vadar is an out and out villain. Mrs Coulter and Lord Asriel have many twists and turns and...


Mrs Coulter saves Lyra at various points throughout the trilogy and then at the very end both her and Asriel sacrifice themselves to save Lyra. How can you say this is out-and-out evil? It's not.


Anonymous said...

Hey guys,

Thanks for the response! Believe me, I more than anyone would love a great fantasy movie to grace the screens this year, and maybe this one's it. If I gave Narnia a chance (blech) than I sure will see this one, especially if it is as complex as you say.

Of course, I had my business cap on when I wrote what I wrote, not my artsy cap. From a personal view it could be enjoyable. From a business view I still stand by my stance that this is a tough sell. One thing I haven't taken into account is that the film could be quite excellent, and that in-itself could be its greatest asset.