Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Direct Download Links For Plenty Of Trailers

Here's a load of direct download links for trailers new... and slightly not so new.

The trailer for Jumper looks intriguing, despite having a director I know isn't really up to the job and somewhat uneven cast. I'm hopeful for something modestly successful, though. Perhaps it's just a personal thing I've had about teleportation since Alan Cumming visited the White House. Download this first promo in 1500k WMV; 330k, 850k or 1500k Quicktime; or 1500k RealMedia.

The Mama's Boy trailer might need an introduction but it isn't getting one. 480p, 720p, 1080p. Right click to save and rename the file as to ensure it works.

Sarah Landon and the Paranormal Hour wasn't on my radar at all until I was sent a link to the trailer. Then it passed right into the centre of my radar for a second or two, dimmed quickly and then passed right back into the outer reaches. I hope it's great, of course I do, but this trailer really isn't convincing.

The Nightmare Before Christmas is getting another 3D rerelease this October - hurrah! - and while early reports suggested a 3D version of Vincent would be playing with it I haven't heard a peep on that front in months. There's no mention of Vincent in the trailer, either. The fat lo-def, 480p, 720p and 1080p versions all looks suitably gorgeous.

I've been remiss in not posting the trailer for Jimmy Carter - Man From Plains before now. i'm sorry. Pick from 480p, 720p, 1080p - right-click on your choice and rename the file to ensure it works.

There's a second US trailer for No Country For Old Men. Hi-res lo-def, 480p, 720p and 1080p options exist for your choosing.

And, if you have Net Transport you can nab the trailer for Love in the Time of Cholera (otherwise just left click on it to stream it in - bah! - Windows Media Player).


LTAR said...

Alright, see...and this isn't a ploy just to be overly critical, but this is what I don't understand about the critiques on this often state an opinion, most times inexplicable opinions, but then give no real good reason for saying what you've said.
Case-in-point: Peyton Reed being your favorite Hollywood hack director, but Doug Liman not being up to the job of Jumper?
And if you gleaned from that trailer that Doug Liman is the weakest point of that movie, you've never seen Episode III.
It would be so much easier to digest the opinions expressed on here if we would get just a little more info. about how you come to your conclusions about how you feel about certain themes or ideas or movies or directors.
Everyone has an opinion...(and yours seem to always run counter to what everyone is "buzzing" about. Which is fine, but let me know why...let me know what you've seen in Liman that makes you think he can't pull it off.
No offense, but it seems a bit like lazy critiquing on your part to just throw it out there and say "take that."
Again, love the site, read every day...just throwing that out there.

Brendon said...

Directly after expressing my doubts about Liman (doubts derived from his dampening of Go, the genuinely embarressing Mr. and Mrs. Smith and... well, Swingers and Bourne too, if we're being honest) I did describe the cast as uneven. Mr. Christensen is definitely a trough on that graph. And, yes, he's a worse assett than Liman. But he has far fewer responsibilities on this film.

I don't know how counter-buzz I am, actually. Wait until you read my Ratatouille review.

LTAR said...

Got it...didn't mean to be overly your writing, just want to read more of it, and deeper into your opinions.