Monday, October 15, 2007

A Look At George Miller's Audition List For The Justice League

According to The Hollywood Reporter, George Miller is currently meeting all of the young hopefuls looking for a role in his Justice League movie. Below is a list of every last one they named (though this is only a fraction of the, so far secret, full list) and it also includes a handy picture of each one too. Don't say I don't ever do anything for you.

The tests are to be comprised of taped script side readings, in groups, with in-costume screen tests to come later. And, apparently, Miller and co. are skewing so young with their hit list because they want a cast that might be seen to mature over the course of multiple movies.

Adam Brody.

Joseph Cross.

DJ Cotrona.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

Michael Angarano.

Teresa Palmer.

Max Thieriot.


Minka Kelly.

Adrianne Palicki.

Scott Porter.


Anonymous said...

Really more like the Teen Titans then.

Spidey said...

This project is sounding Catwoman bad. Daredevil bad.

- spidey

filmickLova said...

Your comment for picture number 8 is a little harsh!!! ;)

Mark said...

George Miller is too interesting a movie-maker for this to turn out "Catwoman bad, Daredevil bad", surely.

Adam Brody for Batman (or Superman)? That's such far-out casting against type that it could be genius.

Alf said...

This is crazy. Totally crazy!!!