Sunday, October 14, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The Red And Black Face Logo Edition

A relatively short update tonight because, frankly, not much goes down on a Sunday. I finally got to see Stardust however and... well, my hopefully rather interesting review will follow before the UK release this Wednesday.

- Weta are
reportedly designing the new Batman and Superman suits for the JLA film, and Dean Semler is set to shoot it. These rumours seem to nullify those stories of an all mo-cap extravaganza. I saw the link at AintItCool.

- Jean Claude Van Damme is playing himself in a mockumentary and the first trailer is online now. [EDIT: And I have been given a link to a downloadable version just lurking around Sendspace]

- George Lucas is going around, pressing the flesh and pushing the point with potential writers for his live-action Star Wars TV show.

- The Valkyrie crew are looking to reshoot some scenes at the Bender Block.

- Werner Von Trapp has passed away. His equivalent in the movie was called Kurt.

- The Greek authorities have relaxed their ban on filming at commercial sites, so what do we get? Nia Vardalos and Richard Dreyfuss in My Life in Ruins. Tsk.

- Jason Rothwell is adapting the novella Kept for Twisted Pictures. It's an adulterer-in-peril hostage horror film, somewhere between Hard Candy and Fatal Attraction by the sound of things.

- Craig Gillespie has talked about the problems that blighted Mr. Woodcock and why Lars and the Real Girl is much more the kind of film he wants to, and tries to, make.

- IFC have uploaded some great press conference clippage regarding John Landis' Don Rickles documentary Mr. Warmth. While we're here - Landis has confirmed his Bat Boy musical is dead and that's not exactly making me smile. I meant to post that link last week but - unfortunately - it slipped through the net.

- John Leguizamo - currently recording lispy voicework for another Ice Age film - may play Cantiflas, "the Mexican Charlie Chaplin", in a biopic.


Mark said...

I hope that Weta go classical with their take on the Bats/Supes costumes. I'd really hate if they decided to go "BABE 2: PIG IN THE CITY" with this.

Kevin-Lee said...

That JCVD movie looks like it has potential for real hilarity.

Despite my better judgement, I've always been a fan of Van Damme and his cheesy movies. Sue me!

Ben said...

The Star Wars series has serious potential to be amazing if George Lucas can back off and let talented writers run with it. In reality we'll probably end up with Saved By The Binks / Everybody Loves Jar Jar.