Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The Digital Equivalents To Contracts Signed In Blood Edition

- David R. Ellis is directing a new Dylan Dog film, and Brandon Routh is set to star. It won't be one half as good as Dellamorte Dellamore, I'm sure.

- Sony are setting up a low-budget imprint called Stage 6 films. In their
announced list of films you'll not only find some predictable genre sequels - to Starship Troopers, Vacancy, Center Stage and Art of War - but also, quite curiously, David Ondaatje's remake of The Lodger. That one will star Alfred Molina... but on the other hand, there will be Val Kilmer in both Conspiracy and Felon. Rounding out this wave will be Dark Country, with Tom Jane both appearing and directing, and The Stone House with Shane West and JK Simmons. The pretense is that not all of these films will go straight to DVD.

- The November 1st strike is looking like a real possibility. Oo-er.

- Paz Vega will be Plaster of Paris and Jamie King will be Lorelei, phantom siren, in The Spirit.

- Armando Iannucci is to direct In The Loop, a feature film comedy about the "
the lives of people in the Foreign Office and the US State Department in the build up to a war". A kind of stateside sister to The Thick of It, I suppose - this could well be one of the best films of the next couple of years.

- Jake Gyllenhaal is to star in Doug Liman's next, an as yet untitled action space racer about lunar colonisation. The script is getting completely reworked by Black Hawk Down's Mark Bowden. And, by the way, you can expect a direct download link to the Jumper trailer in the next 24-36 hours and finally get to see Sam Jackson's quite curious hairstyle in motion.

- Oliver Stone is producing a rival Pablo Escobar film to Joe Carnahan's Killing Pablo. Antoine Fuqua is directing Escobar, which should be first out of the gate as Carnahan is tied up in White Jazz.

- Peter Sollett's film of Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist is to star Michael Cera and Kat Dennings.

- Some new Beowulf images give a very clear look at Grendel, amongst other things.

- Ted Z has interviewed Mike Mills.

- You can peruse an illustrated countdown of the fifty best breasts in Hollywood history as long as you allow it to raise your awareness of breast cancer. Promise, now. That's why the American Cancer Society are behind it.

- The Halcyon Co. have locked up all Philip K. Dick books and stories to yet be adapted in a three-year first look deal. I assume they expect a return to the Dick fever of five or so years ago when the final-final-final Blade Runner hits later this year. The Dick estate, in the guise of Electric Shepherd, are to co-develop any films Halcyon embark upon. I call dibs on Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said.

And that's all for now, I'm afraid. It's a very, very busy day for me - but I promise to catch up with more as soon as I can.

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I wrote a treatment for The Man in the High Castle a while back.

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