Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The Put My Mutton Chop On The Sideboard Edition

- David Michaelis' new biography of Charles Schulz has upset the great cartoonist's children.

- Michael Patrick Jann is to write and direct Intelligence, a HBO comedy vehicle for Patton Oswalt and Bradley Cooper.

- According to Matthew Vaughn, the Thor budget needs to be in the region of $150 million but the script is looking more like $300 million.

- What Happens In Vegas will benefit from a Queen Latifah cameo.

- Latea Kalogridis is reworking the script for Darksiders, the long stalled FBI-and-Vampires vs. Arms Dealers actioner.

- Zach Helm is to produce and at least co-write Rockville 2020, a 'theological mystery' about a small town trying to win the honour of hosting the 2020 Olympics.

- Julia Roberts may join Nicole Kidman in Monte Carlo, a yarn about Midwestern schoolteachers pretending to be high rollers in the titular city, all in an attempt to catch them some gullible billionaire boys. Who might be the third lying, scheming trickster? Suggestions in the comments, please. I'll bet on Sarah Jessica Parker.

- Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan's comic The Last Christmas is about post-apocalyptic Santa Claus battling zombies, and now it has been optioned for a possible movie. Sadly, Pia Zadora has long since passed away but if she was still with us I'd bang my drum every day and every night until she was given a role. [EDIT: I've fallen foul of Wikipedia killers - Ms. Zadora is happily very much still with us. Get ready for some drum banging]

- Lisa Kudrow is the latest to check into the Hotel For Dogs. That sounds dreadful. Oh dear. But how else can I put it?

- Sugar Ray Leonard is to be the subject of a biopic, written by HG Bussinger.

- John H. Lee is remaking The Killer with a Korean star and LA setting.

- Rob Reiner's Hilary Clinton promo is now online. Reiner appears in it as a version of himself.

- Jeffrey Combs hammers another nail into the House of Re-animator coffin.

- Some revealing Spiderwick Chronicles images have appeared.

- Outsourced is being spun off into a TV series. The film's scriptwriters George Wing and John Jeffcoat are writing the pilot.

- David Arnold is back onboard the Bond train for his fifth score.

- They're Blade Runner: Final Cut crazy at AintItCool - on at least one, two counts.

- Unless you're particularly interested in the actresses who appear in The Evil Dead, the film's 3-Disc 'Ultimate Edition' DVD has little to recommend it over the umpteen variants already out there.

- Amalgamated Dynamics have a Wolverine make-up effects contract.

- Cineworld are to install 30 Real-D equipped screens across the UK in time for Beowulf on November 16th.


Adam said...

Pia Zadora isn't dead.

Anonymous said...

Monte Carlo? It'll be Bette Midler. She's always the third part of these types of equations. Her or Rachel McAdams.