Saturday, October 06, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The Light, Pop And Classical Edition

- Hugh Jackman is back in training for Wolverine.

- Jessica Woodworth and Peter Brossens are to direct Fragments of Grace, about a Magnum agency photographer called Grace (yep) who becomes mystified by the suicide of a Peruvian virgin bride.

- Simon West is to direct the film adaptation of Thunder Run: The Armored Strike to Capture Baghdad, from David Zuchinno's nonfiction book.

- Michael Gordon is plotting an Everquest film.

- Sean Astin is convinced that the second Goonies is imminent. It is. And it will be a cartoon. And for all we know he's already signed or even done voice work. This thing cannot be stopped.

- The Scream 4 story has, unsurprisingly, been debunked.

- The Weinsteins have passed on Kevin Smith's Red State. It's now likely to end up as his first indie film since Clerks, though I doubt he'll follow through with the funded-by-fans idea he's chewed over a couple of times.

- Even more Justice League plot details have leaked to Entertainment Weekly, who haven't put them online (as far as I can see). Here's a spoilery breakdown of what I've been told: Maxwell Lord is the key villain, though Superman still finds time to fight both Batman and Wonder Woman in two separate showdowns. The OMACs are present and correct, and Aquaman is shown to care less about humans (Pah! Land dwellers!) than about being loyal to the other members of the League. Martian Manhunter's ability to read minds saves the day when a certain hero (I think the answer is obvious from the above, but I might be wrong) gets taken over by mind control.

- Ludacris has said Guy Ritchie's RocknRolla is 'like Snatch but even better'. I almost did a spit take.

- The Dead Wood poster has crept out from the dark forest.

- Dark Knight spoiler alert - LOOK AWAY - apparently, Alfred and The Joker get into 'an altercation'.

- Radha Mitchell is joining Banderas and Freeman in the cast of The Code.

- Dame Judi is on standby for some December shooting for Bond 22.

- Tourism Australia are, unsurprisingly, hoping that Baz Luhrmann's Australia is a smash and are looking to launch a tie-in promo campaign.


filmickLova said...

good god! huge Hackman is about to explode !!!

Anonymous said...

This Justice League business sounds like utter rubbish. Why don't they just translate the JLA cartoon into live-action and have the League form because of an alien invasion?

Oh and yes, Jessica Biel would make a rather good Wonder Woman. I recently watched Blade Trinity (don't ask) and during her introductory fight scene she came across as very Wonder Womany. Butch and sexy and quite fierce.