Saturday, October 06, 2007

Will Wally West Be Flashing Up On The Cartoon Network?

I've heard - and it's just a rumour, currently, though one with some fairly convincing back-up - that an animated series based on The Flash is coming from WB!, with Cartoon Network agressively bidding for the first season.

Apparently it will centre on Wally West, and seems to start with an origin and deal with his early days as The Flash. What makes it particularly interesting, of course, is that The Flash is one of the lesser known members of the Justice League and getting him back on TV will do the upcoming League movie no end of good in awareness tracking. And indeed, there's even some talk of introducing the JLA concept to the show - though I haven't been told quite how.

I like Wally West. Fingers crossed that this comes off and has at least some of the qualities of, say, Paul Dini's animated superhero work.


Anonymous said...

Wally West's Flash was the first comic I seriously collected. So for me he IS the Flash. I am really looking forward to this. I just wonder how much of the other Flashes will make it in?

Anonymous said...

But seriously, what do you do with the Flash? He runs around disarming bombs and knocking out villians before they even know he's arrived. What kind of cartoon would that make? And speaking of villians, does he even have villians? There's that Eskimo with the ice gun and that guy with the boomerangs anda um...

If they're going to bother adapting DC heroes into cartoons they should do a Green Lantern on. Now that I'd watch.