Thursday, October 04, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The New Rum Antics Edition

- ET's Valkyrie piece is online for your viewing pleasure. Looks good to me.

- Is Len Wiseman off of the Escape From New York remake? And is Brett Ratner on? Possibly. Or even probably. That second report also claims that the Gears of War film is dead.
- There's a new Iron Man poster.

- Shooting on Righteous Kill has been disrupted by a fire.

- There's a sweet, simple Julie Taymor mini-interview to support Across the Universe - the best film I've seen in years.

- Scream 4 has been greenlit. I saw the link at ArrowInTheHead.

- Scorsese is apparently caught in a tug-of-war between Warner Bros. and Paramount. I would suggest cutting him in two and giving half to each.

- Neil Gaiman wants Terry Gilliam to direct a Sandman film. So do I.

- George Clooney's Leatherheads is being postponed until next spring and there's to be some reshooting with new actors. All very bad news.


Anonymous said...

Would it kill them at all to try and make Iron Man's suit look at least like something resembling ‘iron’ in the slightest? Everything I’ve seen thus far makes me want to yell the phrases "Perspex Man" or “Badly Rendered Aluminium Man” with fevered enthusiasm.

Gaiman and Gilliam....mmm, yes please.

Anonymous said...

So, Across the Universe, then, why are you do ga ga for it? I've read barely any reviews that have come out in it's favour.

Do you think it's just one of those films that'll fail to get any critical recognition for some time, if ever, but'll appeal to a small core of fans. Is it destined to be a cult movie? What are the critics failing to understand?