Thursday, October 04, 2007

Direct Download Links For Sweeney Todd Trailer

This looks gorgeous.

Download the Sweeney Todd trailer in small-ish, middling and huge-ish sizes of lo-def, as well as 480p, 720p and 1080p hi-def versions.

Right-click to save and rename the file something like nicehair.wmv to ensure it works.


filmickLova said...

A BIG fan of the original show and Depp, I was SO looking forward to this ... but oh dear - how bad does this look? I was always worried that Tim "One trick Pony" Burton would screw the pooch and it looks like he has.

We have Depp doing his phoned-in schtick, (the same stuff can be seen in Secret Window for those Depp lovers who feel I've overstepped the mark); yet another bloody film with Burton's missus in it, (once again doing HER schtick!), and Depp's voice is like Captain Jack Sparrow with a throat infection.

I'm really, really hoping that didnt make a trailer from the best bits!

Priscilla said...

Like filmickLova, I'm a big fan of the original show and Depp, but this trailer makes me even more excited about the upcoming film! Sweeney Todd strikes me as a very difficult show to put together a trailer for, given the limited amount of sound byte-style dialogue to pick from, but the little views we get into musical numbers like "Poor Thing," "Pirelli's Miracle Elixir," "Epiphany," and "By the Sea" give me great confidence in Tim Burton's translation. Is it January yet?

Anonymous said...

This looks amazing!! I can't wait to see the film.