Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Anne Hathaway Makes A Bad Decision

I'm sure I already mentioned that Judd Apatow is following up The 40 Year Old Virgin (not the best film I saw in 2005, but very probably my favourite) with another romantic comedy, this one called Knocked Up. The title pretty much gives away all of the plot details known so far.

Anne Hathaway was set to star, alongside Seth Rogen. She has now left the project, reportedly due to "creative differences". How she could be happy to star in mediocrities like Ella Enchanted or Brokeback Mountain but won't trust Apatow - a tried and tested master at the funnies - I'm not entirely sure.

"Personal reasons" might be closer to the mark than "creative differences". And, any or all of "pretentiousness", "greed" and "egoism" could qualify as "personal reasons". To be fair, so might any number of other things. "Creative differences" just doesn't cut it with me, though.

I'm hoping she's found something better to do. If she ends up doing a clunker instead, she's going to wind up looking very silly. I don't care if she claims Terry Gilliam is her favourite director (which she has done before now), she's at risk of making a fool of herself here.

Her role in Knocked Up is now going to be played by Katherine Heigl. I'm none too keen on her, either, but at least she spotted a winner when she saw one. Well, this time round, anyway.


Aurora said...

I didn't think Brokeback was mediocre. Her role wasn't exactly large, though.

Mark said...

Liked the dig at Brokeback Mountain, which is a load of sentimental shite that struck lucky by becoming notorious/a cause celebre (depending which side of the U.S's ongoing culture wars you're on). Only in bleedin' America. As such, Hathaway's reasoning may well be something along the lines of "hey, I'm the star of a big, serious, acclaimed drama. From now on, I've got to do only worthy boring crap, y'know, like Erin friggin' Brockovich".

Anyway, I'll forgive Anne Hathaway for one reason: she's becoming the sort of actress who'll get naked at the drop of a hat, a Jenny Agutter for the new millennium. I can appreciate that.