Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Woody Allen Ditches His Paris Movie

Just days after Michelle Williams and David Krumholtz were named as the stars, Woody Allen's Paris-set picture has been canned. Instead, he's heading back to London, for his third movie to be filmed there on the trot, after Match Point and Scoop. There's no confirmed word on whether Scarlett will be back or not, but rumours have rippled, eagerly, through the blogosphere and messageboards. Seems that the internet can't get enough of her.

The Paris film cancellation was apparently down to a spiraling budget. On a project of this scale, that can happen all too easily, but it does suggest that Woody Allen is playing within much tighter confines than in his glory days. A shame, as he does always deliver at least a minimum standard of quality.

Of course, nothing is known of this new London movie yet, but we hardly knew a thing about the scrapped one either. If Allen does ever return to Paris to try again, it won't be in a hurry - Variety report that next year he's committed to a production in Barcelona, set to feature both Spanish and "international" performers.

Looks like he's becoming quite the international playboy.

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