Monday, April 17, 2006

The Balance Goes On Hold, The Make-Up Steps Up To The Plate

Sadly, my short horror film The Balance won't be going into production any time soon. The script isn't perfect, I want some to time to correct it, and schedules aren't going to allow for that.

So, instead, I'm using the time to shoot a short called The Make-Up. I've given it that title quite deliberately as a tribute to another film, of course - The Break-Up, coming this summer, and covered elsewhere on this blog.

The Make-Up, however, isn't going to star Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston, and it isn't going to cost millions. As a result, I'm getting final cut - it won't be messed with by the suits.

The script is only three pages long, but it has more irony per square inch than anything else I've ever written. The characterisations are surprisingly deep for such a short film, also. And, as is the case with many of my shortest films, it ends with a kind of twist.

I'm very happy with the pages, and hopefully, very soon, I'll be as happy with the finished film.

I've been in touch with a handful of lighting cameramen, and one in particular had done some very good work before, so I'm convinced the film will end up working brilliantly in a visual sense.

Both the lead actor and actress that I'm pursuing are people I've worked with before - and both of them gave very good performances in those films, so I'm confident there also.

All in all, I think The Make-Up is easily going to be the best short film I'll have so far wrapped.

I'll be keeping the updates coming - and once any of the crew or cast involved are locked in place, I'll be able to tell you who they are. Watch this space.

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